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After the last great wizarding war Hogwarts was left in ruins. Now however, like the phoenix it rises from the ashes and life breathes into it a new. Learn to wield the mightiest of magics, take up allies, choose a side, and fight for what you believe in!
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The year is 2015 Hogwarts is reopening for the first time, and tensions are high. Will this dream last, or is it doomed to crumble and burn?
Welcome, we are once again active and looking for new members of every kind!
Hello everyone I'm so sorry for my absence, I was very sick for a long time, but I beat the odds and I'm back, with any luck we can get this forum up and running! :

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 Wand Cores

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Do You Think Your Wand Core Suits You and Your Wand Wood?
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Alexander Givins
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Alexander Givins

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PostSubject: Wand Cores   Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:31 pm

Basilisk Scale - Reputed for its particular skill in the dark arts and ability with curses, many shy away from it mistaking such skill for evil, rather than what it is, ability, it pairs best with Yew.

Dittany Stalk - The only known plant based core Dittany although a great healing tool should not be misconceived as weak, for he plant itself is known for releasing highly flammable vapors, it pairs well with Willow but it's greatest match is Hawthorn.

Dragon Heartstring - Produce cores that are powerful, easy to learn spells with, it pairs best with, Mahogany to produce a very powerful wand.

Griffin Feather - This core is usually associated with powerful offensive spells and is greatly regarded for dueling cores, it pairs poorly with Hazel and best with Rowan

Kelpie Mane - Cores of Kelpie mane though commonly used in the past have fallen to be less favorable especially among the Pure-Bloods, they pair best with Fir and are known for their transfiguration abilities.

Kneazle Whisker - Although not a core known for its power Kneazle whiskers are quite adept as charms and pairs nicely with Black Walnut and Elm

Manticore Hair - This core is known for its skill and spectacular display in every spell it casts and is particularly adept at hexes, it pairs best with Sycamore.

Phoenix Feather - These cores learn the most varied magic, and are difficult to be chosen by, it pairs best with Oak to create last and powerful spells.

Sphinx Whisker - A charming and elegant core Sphinx whiskers are know for defensive and shield work making them perfect for Rowan

Thestral Tail Hair - A rare core and often feared for it's unlucky reputation, this core pairs best with Elder and Elm

Unicorn Hair - These cores produce the most consistent magic, bonds strongly to first user to the extreme if the wood is Ash.

Veela Hair - A very temperamental core, Veela cored wands have been known to act on their own accord and pair poorly with Willow.
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Wand Cores
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