Hogwarts, From the Ashes

After the last great wizarding war Hogwarts was left in ruins. Now however, like the phoenix it rises from the ashes and life breathes into it a new. Learn to wield the mightiest of magics, take up allies, choose a side, and fight for what you believe in!
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The year is 2015 Hogwarts is reopening for the first time, and tensions are high. Will this dream last, or is it doomed to crumble and burn?
Welcome, we are once again active and looking for new members of every kind!
Hello everyone I'm so sorry for my absence, I was very sick for a long time, but I beat the odds and I'm back, with any luck we can get this forum up and running! :

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 Magica Academy - Secrets of Keepers (Harry Potter RPG)

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PostSubject: Magica Academy - Secrets of Keepers (Harry Potter RPG)   Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:47 pm

Magica Academy

Have you ever wanted to live like Harry Potter, or go to Hogwarts? Well I have a suggestion for you. Join Magica Academy! All of our roots come right from there, and we are always welcoming new members. Last names of real characters are allowed, and you can have as many characters as you'd like! Our friendly community is welcome to all kinds of people as well. Vampires, Werewolves, Muggles, Adults, Workers, etc.
Here you can:
-Roleplay In The Whole Wide World
-Duel Other Wizards
-Build Our Plot
-Advertise Your Forum
-And MORE!


The year is 2014. After another succesful year of running the academy, Leonardo Dragonsbane has heard some crucial news. Zane Vallair has left the shadows. This causes tension between good and evil yet again, and may cause another all-out battle with kidnapping, wand-casting, and spell-snatching of both sides. Time to play dirty? You bet.


After the time of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, a new school of magic arrives onto the scene: Magica Academy. Headed by Headmaster Leonardo Dragonsbane, Magica Academy is somewhat a peaceful place. Due to current attacks by the Shadows (New Generation of Death Eaters), Leonardo has called back a few old friends and students to help save and revive the academy. Will the peace last? Or will it go away?

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Good Luck Again! Very Happy
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Magica Academy - Secrets of Keepers (Harry Potter RPG)
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