Hogwarts, From the Ashes

After the last great wizarding war Hogwarts was left in ruins. Now however, like the phoenix it rises from the ashes and life breathes into it a new. Learn to wield the mightiest of magics, take up allies, choose a side, and fight for what you believe in!
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The year is 2015 Hogwarts is reopening for the first time, and tensions are high. Will this dream last, or is it doomed to crumble and burn?
Welcome, we are once again active and looking for new members of every kind!
Hello everyone I'm so sorry for my absence, I was very sick for a long time, but I beat the odds and I'm back, with any luck we can get this forum up and running! :

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 Rules are Law, Guidelines are Helpful Suggestions for Success

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PostSubject: Rules are Law, Guidelines are Helpful Suggestions for Success   Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:01 pm


1. No killing, maiming, abusing, or bullying other characters with out the other player's permission.

2. Your characters are allowed to be mean, rude, and a bully to other characters, but you must respect the players behind those characters and be civil in the OOC area and when messaging.

3. Posts other than in applications, the OOC area your character's journal and pensieve must be a minimum of 100 words, otherwise there's too little for others to respond to.

4. When making a new account, the account name must be your character's name, first, last, and appropriately capitalized. No numbers, special symbols or anything like "harrysgurl."

5. If you discuss any "hot button" topics or issues such as religion or politics be aware that not everyone will agree and fighting may occur. I will monitor such conversations and delete any threads that get too mean and take actions against any involved parties if deemed necessary.

6. No cannon characters, that means no "Harry, Ron, Hermione ect."

7. No cannon surnames so no, "Sarah Potters," or "Theodore Malfoys."

8. This is a mature forum and generally rated PG to PG-13 but private threads may be rated as high as R, all such threads must be marked with a warning.

Consequences for Breaking the Rules

Those who break rules 4, 6, and 7 will get a warning and asked to rectify their account and character names.

Those who break rules 1, 2, and 5 will first receive a warning, if they repeat the offense they will be banned for a week, the third time a month, and lastly permanent expulsion from the forum.

Those who break rule number 8 will be asked to rectify their mistake, but if they break this rule multiple times may face a two day ban

Those who break rule number 3 will be asked to write more and will even be offered help lengthening their post or posts because lets face it, sometimes writing can be hard and a little help never hurt!


1. Please be prepared to post at least twice a week so that you and those you role play with can get the most out of the site.

2. There are no character limits you can have as many characters as you would like just as long and you can keep up with all of them. If your character seems to be inactive I will message you about their inactivity and consult with you about the possibility of deleting them or allowing someone else to take on their role.

3. If you're having trouble making the word limit remember to include setting, thought, emotion and detail. In other words describe the room or place your OC is currently, what are they thinking about, what are they feeling, and add the little details that will make your post more fun and interesting.

4. The first person to post in an RP thread should generally give the physical setting so that everyone has the same mental image and we don't get five different descriptions of the same place. Therefore, rather than writing something akin to:

"Sarah walked outside in a huff. She just couldn't believe how impossible John was being. Really, what was the matter with boys anyway?"

You'd write something like the following to give others an idea of where the thread takes place:

"Sarah walked outside in a huff. It was one of those overcast, humid sort of days, and the heat did little to improve her mood. As she marched passed the Herbology greenhouse which smelt strongly of dittany, she just couldn't believe how impossible John was being. Really, what was the matter with boys anyway?"

Remember your characters will have an average of five senses, use those senses to make the world around them as you write.

The rules and guidelines are subject to change, if changes occur all users will be notified.
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Rules are Law, Guidelines are Helpful Suggestions for Success
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